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David J. Satin, MD - Dr. Satin is an internationally known scholar in the fields of bioethics and an assistant professor in the University of Minnesota's Department of Family Medicine and Community Health. He completed a five year postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Minnesota's Center for Bioethics, following his family medicine residency at the University of Minnesota, a medical degree from the University of Western Ontario ( Canada ), a Robert Jones Scholarship in philosophy to the University of St. Andrews ( Scotland ), a philosophy degree from the University of Western Ontario and a health sciences degree from Marianopolis College in his home town of Montreal, Canada.

CV, selected publications

Dr. Satin is a member of multiple AMA workgroups designing performance measures for CMS, is a frequent speaker and visiting professor on P4P, and has advised quality improvement programs on many aspects of the P4P literature found on this site. He specializes in leading adaptive change around P4P and quality improvement within clinical organizations. He can be contacted at dsatin@umphysicians.umn.edu

P4P Articles from Dr. Satin

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David Satin, MD